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“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.”

-Zig Ziglar

To sustain the motivation to change, you must be intentional. 

As Ziglar pointed out, motivation only takes you so far. Two weeks. One month. You need more than motivation. 

 As your coach, I’ll be your motivator, cheerleader, profitability expert, hand holder, organizer and sounding board. 

I find that hitting your goals and creating the life you truly love is less about maintaining motivation and more about the systems that you put in place to get you there.  

Plus, I’ll hold you accountable. 

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Full-Access Coaching

  • Daily Voxer Access to Me
  • Weekly Accountability Sessions
  • Quarterly Planning Done in a Day
  • Additional Sessions as Needed

This level is for the person ready to take action (yesterday!). You want change and want to move fast.

We start with your quarterly planning so we have a vision for you, your business and your profits for the coming months. We do this planning together…all in 1 day over Zoom or in person. (This is NOT a homework assignment you do…on your own. You don’t have time for that!) I set aside a whole day just for you. And you tell me how much of the day you want – all 8 hours or 2 hours before noon and 1 hour after 1:00 pm, etc. We get into the nitty gritty. Your profit goals and profit margins, your budget, weekly goals that build to your quarterly goals – we cover all of this and more during your quarterly planning session. 

You and I also meet weekly for around 60-90 minutes via Zoom or in-person. This is for accountability, motivation and adjustments to your quarterly plan. We track what's happening on your overall goals and dig into where your obstacles are. This time is to brainstorm processes, plan implementation steps and recognize the emotional and psychological barriers holding you back. Additional sessions can be scheduled as needed.  

Last thing (and a big perk!), you have daily access to me via Voxer, which is a voicemail app. If you need a pep talk, some accountability or want to share a big win, I’m all ears!

>> If you’ve got more ideas than time and feel completely overwhelmed but not ready to give up on your business (dangit!), this option is for you.

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Accountability Coaching

  • Email Access to Me

Choose Between

  • 4 Weekly Sessions a Month
  • Review of Your Quarterly Goals within those sessions


  • 2 Sessions a Month
  • Quarterly Planning Done in a Day

This coaching is for the person whose greatest need is accountability. When you run with a knowledgeable, tough but kind coach (like me!), you propel yourself to the next goal…and the next one…and the next one. 

We begin by reviewing your goals and getting a clear picture of where you want to go. We do this in 60 minute sessions via Zoom. You’ll leave each meeting with direction for the next week or two (and possibly homework. Simple tasks but ones to help you work smarter, not harder over time.) We’ll track your goal progress, get real about the obstacles holding you back and make plans for overcoming them. 

And because accountability is key to you, you have daily access to me through email. I’ll respond within 24 hours during the work week. Whether it’s a question about purchasing a third-party app or to tell me about your biggest sale to date, my inbox is always open to you.






>> If you’re ready for a coach that will ask you the hard questions and not settle until you’ve produced your best, this option is for you.

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Profit-First Implementation

  • 4 flexible sessions
  • Review of Your Quarterly Goals
  • The  Profit-First Book

This option is for the business owner who is dying to see more profits. (You also may be testing out my coaching style. That’s cool too! But be warned, you’ll increase your profits along the way!) 

You’re probably making “good money” in your business, but for some reason, much of that money is NOT landing in your personal bank account. In these sessions, I walk you through the foundation of being a profit-first entrepreneur. We begin with a profitability analysis of your business. From there, I teach you to pay yourself first and to modify your behaviors when it comes to expenses. We dig into when, how, and where you can right-size your operation expenses.

You set when we meet for your 4 sessions. Some clients prefer to cluster their appointments, while others spread them out.  You determine what works for your goals.











>> If you’re wondering where your money is going by the end of the month or tired of working so hard to see such little profits, this coaching option is for you.

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Looking for Accountability Through Community?

This option is for those who want accountability with a coach but can’t commit to weekly sessions. You also crave a community of like-minded individuals and find your best solutions when you hear others discuss their challenges and wins. 

We’ll meet once a month for 2 powerful hours together. As your coach, I come with an agenda because your time is valuable. I bring goal-oriented questions and am ready with suggestions and tools to address the obstacles the group is experiencing in their businesses. 

This is not a 2-hour gripe session or just “shooting the bull.” We get things done. We offer suggestions. We cheer for one another. And we hold each other accountable!

>> If you’re lonely and know community and accountability would propel you, this option is for you. 

Is a group mastermind right for me? Let's Chat..

Group Mastermind Coaching

1 Monthly 2-Hour Meeting

Review of Your Quarterly Goals with the Group   Mastermind Solutions with Other Entrepreneurs and a Coach

I want in!

My clients have found success and more confidence in...


Time management

Email management


Project management

Process design

CRM (Client Relationship Management) implementation 

New ideas for products or services




Elimination of tasks


**These are their words, not mine. I’m so grateful for the areas of improvement they’ve reported. I’ve got great clients and would love to work with you too.

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