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I’m Dana Stone, a Balance Strategist, and Overwhelm Coach. Every day I work with busy, family-oriented and caring professionals like you. These wonderful clients have big goals, but they come to me because these goals have become overwhelming and exhausting. 

My clients are in search of a sense of balance in their life and want to feel less overwhelmed…while still striving for greatness. 

Can you relate? 

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What we can do together

Together we can get past the overwhelm and hurriedness. We can help you pay yourself for your work in your business.  

Together, we design your ideal personal life so your work and business fit into it (not the other way around!) We get to the root of what is important to you.  

You’ll start to see profits, feel less overwhelmed, take actionable steps towards big goals and improve your overall quality of life. (Yes, you can have fun in life and be productive too!)

You will feel confident and supported and met with compassion and understanding. Because, I have been there. (But fair warning - I do hold you accountable!) 

Where it all began?

I joke and often say that I have trained my whole life to be a coach. 

I’ve struggled with…



Work-life balance

People Management

Abusive relationships

Unhealthy habits

Poor body image

Communication breakdowns

As the oldest of 5 girls, life had its challenges. And I haven’t always made the strongest decisions.

As a pregnant teenager with my first child before I even finished high school, I know what it is to feel like life dealt you a crappy hand. I struggled to put myself through college with a baby in tow, while working a full time job and a part time job. On top of that, there was my verbally and emotionally abusive marriage that took nearly 6 years of my life.

But I was not going to settle for mediocrity. I often found myself in leadership roles and was always drawn to personal development books and programs. I knew there was more to my story.

I eventually built the life I thought I always wanted. A wonderful husband and 4 children.  I was making 6 figures with my corporate job, we were actively involved with travel ball tournaments, side hustles and girl scout troop leadership and training. But I was overwhelmed. I was a “yes mam.” 

And the sleep deprivation I experienced after my 4th son’s birth added to this overwhelm.

I started getting physically ill, emotionally drained, and life was starting to crumble around me.

When I finally got help, it was magical, and we all started to get the sleep we desperately needed. Our entire family was forever changed, and it ignited a passion for sleep and health inside me.

So much so that I was soon a certified pediatric sleep coach with a thriving business. (It’s still thriving, helping thousands of families sleep better!) 

But, you guessed it. The entrepreneurial burnout and overwhelm began.

I was back in the same cycle, except my kids were now sleeping but I wasn’t. 

In 2019, I finally had enough! I dove into business and life coaching courses…for my own knowledge! 

And I started sharing what I learned with friends and business associates. They leaned in hard because they felt like me! Before long, I had a second business. 

As a profit strategist and overwhelm coach, I help frazzled, underpaid, family-oriented, goal driven entrepreneurs and professionals feel more human again.

  • To work hard but play just as hard
  • To find joy in things outside of work
  • To create a lean, mean business budget while giving generously to causes near to your heart
  • To be productive with concrete processes and software tools
  • To guard your inbox ferociously 

If you’re ready to feel less overwhelmed and to see more profits in your small business, let’s talk. 

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"I had 4 children, a full time job, and a husband that traveled a lot. Needless to say, there were many times that I spent crying on the closet floor. The overwhelm had to end!"